Thursday, June 17, 2010

Calling all MOMS and Daughters...

If you have a daughter ages 6-12, you're invited to a great weekend in Clarkesville, Georgia,
Friday, Sept. 10 - Saturday, Sept. 11th for the
Join us from 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. for this mother daughter event. Secret Keeper Girls' Event offers moms proven tools to coach their 6 - 12 year old girls into meaningful friendships, true beauty, biblical modesty, and vibrant purity!
Sorry, no childcare is available for this event.
Registration Fees:
Group Advance Registration (10 or more) - $8 per person
Individual Advance Registration - $10 per person
At the door - $12 per person
For more information on Secret Keeper Girl, visit their site

We would like to take a group. If you are interested, sign up at A sign up sheet will be provided at church in the cafe on Sunday. If you have any questions, contact Amy Hickman at 439-2577 or at

Friday, June 4, 2010

Summer Fun

Aroma women's ministry is heating up for summer! Here's a list of some fun stuff to look forward to this summer. We hope to see you there! Check back for updates activities that we have planned so you can hang out with other ladies, and form new relationships with new friends!

Friday, June 18th, 7pm-9pm - SPA Night - Look for sign up sheets on Sundays, and choose your favorite Spa treatment. Manicures, Pedicures, Facials and Massages will be offered. Once a slot fills up, you will need to make another choice. Treatments have been reduced for you to $15, and we greatly encourage you to bring money to tip those providing the services. Snacks and drinks will be provided. Dinner should be eaten before you come. Childcare is NOT provided.
Questions can be directed to

Saturday, June 26, 10am=12pm - Coupon Class with Courtney Walters. This event is for MEN and WOMEN. Come find out how to save on your grocery bill so that you can free up resources to become debt free, take a vacation, buy a new pair of shoes, etc! ;) This is a FREE event and you are encouraged to sign up on Sundays so we know how much material to print for you.
Childcare is NOT provided. Snacks and Drinks will be offered.
Questions can be directed to

BOOK CLUB - Kim Adam is interested in starting a book club. She will be choosing date, location and book in the coming weeks. If you are interested in participating, shoot Kim an email at

Check back soon for some fun events we have for you this summer!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Retreat Letter

Retreat attendees...You should have received the following letter by email yesterday, but we wanted to post it and link you to our new location for retreat!

Hello Ladies!
We are so excited that you have chosen to take part in our annual Ladies' Retreat in
April. We are anticipating a LOT of fun, fellowship and a great time of teaching.

We wanted to take this time to update you on a change we had to make in our location. We
will NO LONGER be traveling to Emerald Pointe Resort at Lake Lanier in Georgia. Due to
some inconsistencies in price, we had to come to the decision that this was NOT our best
option. We have moved our location to Atlanta, Georgia to the Hilton Garden Inn.
Absolutely NOTHING has changed in regard to the price you were given when you were asked
to do early registration. The absolute ONLY thing that has changed is you will be
sleeping in a different place! Our lodging, food, and meeting room will all be included
in the same $140 price. The opportunities for your free time afternoon in Atlanta are
endless! You will have a wide variety of restaurants, shopping centers (you will find me
at IKEA!), movie theaters, etc., to visit! We apologize for the change, but it was very
important to us to offer you a place that could bring a quality and memorable experience.

We got off track a little due to weather w/ collecting your first deposit, so if you
have not paid that, please do so Sunday, and if at all possible, you can pay your second
deposit at the same time. We break these up for you to take off any financial strain,
but feel free to pay the total amount at any time. The last deposit will be collected
upon your arrival in Atlanta. Barbie George has been doing a fantastic job keeping track
of your payments in a receipt book, so make sure you see her with your payment so that
she can issue you a receipt. Your first deposit MUST be paid ASAP to hold your spot. We
can only take 70 women with us (as of Saturday, we have 67 signed up), so if you are
unable to go, we ask that you come to one of us to remove your name from the list so that
others may sign up. We will not be taking new registrations after mid-March. In the
event that you have paid, and you can no longer attend, you are required to find your own
replacement. No money will be refunded

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at, or
find one of us on the Aroma Ministry team and we will do our best to answer any questions
that you have. Very shortly, you will be receiving a brochure where we will ask you to
list your roommate choices and provide you with all additional info you will need before
traveling in April.

We look forward to a great time together and forming many, many new friendships with each
of you.
Much Love,
The Aroma Team (Amy Hickman, Bonnie Moody, Barbie George, Allison Taylor, Ashley

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Ladies, in a New Year, there's new opportunity. Sometimes that would haunt me as a New Year would approach. For this "I'm a failure" mentality that I battle everyday, New Year translated, "Oh, great, another opportunity to not complete my goals." In all honesty, I don't look at it that way anymore. Part of the reason is choosing to surround myself with people, most of whom are women, that allow me to be me. We share the good, the bad, the joy, the junk of life and it's A-OK! There's more to life than being on the surface in all of your relationships. God's words shows us over and over to go deep and be REAL with people. There will be some that you come across in life that will put the STOP sign up to you being real and honest with them, but there are those rare finds that say, "Come on and tell me what's really in that heart and head of yours!" Many years, I think...we talked about the pat "Fine" answer to the "How are you?" You know, maybe that conversation was just a time passer, but for me, it rang true. Most people don't give a flip how you are. They ask, but please don't tell 'em how you really are because they are too busy, have problems of their own, think you are only supposed to put the happy face Christian on, and some can't take the burden of knowing how you really are. Today I read this devotional that I would love to see us ladies take to heart for the year 2010. You gotta start somewhere to show the world that we Christians can indeed be different...that if we are offering to get our hands dirty with the world's mess, we ought to be able to gets our hands dirty with our friend's mess. No one is asking you to go deep with every relationship you have, but be the friend to those in your life that doesn't attack their character when they are going through a rough time, or when they just need someone to listen to the junk they might face, or even to jump up and down in excitement and TRUE joy over someone's successes (rather than fume in jealousy). God has put you in the lives of people for a reason. Don't blow it. Now, read this and be the friend that you desire for others to be for you. What are you waiting for? Put yourself out there!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's a New Year of opportunity!

Hey ladies! We have some SIGNIFICANT things coming up for you this coming New Year! While we know you can't do it ALL, here's a few things that are coming up that we would love to see your sweet selves at. Don't ever feel pressured to participate in everything, but please prayerfully consider how God may be leading you to be involved. For ALL of it, though, invite, invite, invite! There's a community full of ladies that need encouragement, fellowship, and most of all...Jesus.

New Community Ladies' Bible Study!!

You may sign up here, through the blog comment section, or send an email to and please include your name, address, phone, email, and if you need to utilize the FREE childcare, along with the ages of your children. You pay for your book upon the first day of class, but do not let any inability to purchase the book hinder you from attending! Breakfast will be provided for ladies each morning of Bible study!

"This Night....A Night of Redemption"
Monday, January 25th, 6:30pm
Speaker: Kristin Spehar
Cost: $10
Hostesses are needed NOW!
Email at if you can hostess a table of eight, including yourself in that number.
Hostesses must provide a centerpiece - Themes: Winter, Fresh Start, Redemption, Friendship,
Lights, Twinkle, Blue, White, Snow, etc.
You must also provide a party favor for each attendee at your table.
Paper products will be provided, but you may use your own plates if you so choose...just let us know so we do not purchase plates for your
Please provide a TEA and WATER pitcher for your table, along with a coffee carafe.
Each hostess may choose to buy tickets for her entire table, or she must sell tickets and turn in unused tickets and all collected money on a designated date so that any unused tickets may be sold.
You are encouraged to invite guests that do NOT attend LifeSong, or guests you know that are looking for a home church. Most of all, invite guests that need to hear the life-changing message of God's REDEMPTION!
Contact us at for any more info.

Ladies' Retreat 2010
Emerald Pointe Resort, Lake Lanier, GA

Friday, April 16-Sunday, April 18, 2010
Speakers/Worship Leaders: Elizabeth Johnson and Allison Singleton
Click here to view the resort!
Don't miss out on a wonderful time getting to know new friends, and making great memories with old friends! You'll experience a time of worship and teaching that you can take back home to continue you on your journey of being a "missionary where you live, work and play!"
Look for sign-up on Sunday, December 13
Deposits will begin the month of January
Cost:$100-$125 (this includes lodging, all meals except free time Saturday night, and curriculum)
Your free time Saturday will include options to sign up for massages, manis/pedis, trip to the Mall of Georgia, the movies, a huge selection of restaurants and much, much more!
You must work any work schedules out to arrive at the resort by 6pm dinner. The trip takes approximately 2hours and 45min.
Don't miss it!!
Here's what one lady had to say....

"I really stepped 'outside the box' when I signed up to attend my first Ladies' Retreat at LifeSong. To tell you the truth, I wanted in on all of the excitement I saw from the Aroma team and from some of the ladies that had attended before. I had no idea what to expect. I just knew that I wanted what they had. The retreat is a time for ladies of ALL ages to get sing, to share in small groups, to know each other better, and a time for Bible study. If you have any doubts about attending...don't. It will change your life. You will never want to miss another one...I won't!" J. Blackwell

Monday, September 14, 2009

September Announcements

Dinner Mix for Six at Six

It’s Back…

Presented by: Aroma

What is a dinner mix?

This unique twist on dinner allows you a chance to meet and converse with ladies you may or may not know over a wonderful meal.

How does it work?

You register to attend, you meet at the chosen restaurant at 6pm, you draw a card, & that places you with the group you will be dining with. So you never know whom you’ll get a chance to meet. Food, Fun, & Friends!

How do you sign up?

Contact Bonnie Moody by email:

or phone: 864-486-0167. You can also contact any member of the Aroma team.

Just be sure to sign up so arrangements can be made with the restaurant.

The Olive Garden

1498 WO Ezell Blvd
Spartanburg, SC 29301

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Me, Myself and Lies

by Jennifer Rothschild

A new Bible study begins Monday, October 5! We will meet from 9am-11am for 7 weeks (until November 16th). FREE childcare provided. If you are a LifeSong Partner, you may sign up on our website using the CCB option, OR you may email us at to sign up. If you email, include your name, address, phone number and email address. Also, with both options, please include whether or not you will utilize the childcare available, and if you do, include the names and ages of your children. Cost of the book is $11.95 (checks made payable to LifeSong Church).

This is a community wide Bible study, so invite your friends, neighbors, co-workers, Mom's group buddies...Any lady you can think of!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

This Night Recap

I find that I write a lot of things by describing them as, "Words cannot describe...," but really, words cannot describe how amazing last night's This Night was. For me I can only say that I'm not really surprised. God kind of gave me a "head's up" on last night. He kept nudging me to pray, and kept reminding me He was going to do something big. I'm just super glad that it had nothing to do with us. I mean, if you only knew what was going on behind the scenes. We had a food crisis! Everything...OK, almost everything...that could go wrong with our meal just about went wrong. The caterers promised to bring ice, and there was no ice. They forgot the plates. They didn't put cheese on some sandwiches, but gave it to us to do. They didn't put the cheese on salads, gave it to us to do. Lemons had to be put in dishes! Ugh! The "us" was only two of us, and there was NO way we could get everything done in the amount of time we had. Thankfully, several sweet ladies showed up early with eager servant's hearts, or else...well, I just don't want to think about it. I get way frazzled over stuff like that, and quite honestly I had already been getting in a frenzy all day about the little things. Like I said, though, God always works it out. He reminds us - He reminds ME - a lot just who we are serving when we put together something like This Night. We do it for an audience of ONE. Whew! That takes a load off!

I kind of like to replay events over and over in my head after an event and hit the pause button. It is ALWAYS a good thing for me to do because I see just where things make a turn around from no longer being about me/us to being solely about HIM. It's like life. I mean, don't we always have to muddle through the trials (you ice, no plates, no cheese on sandwiches) to realizing that this stuff has absolutely NOTHING to do with what was really about to come!

OK! Hit the pause button. Hit it about 7:20 pm. The meal is over (and let me just say, it was totally great! It all worked out). Turn your chair around and face the front. The music starts. Your heart settles and focuses. Right there you begin to see someone else has taken center stage. No, it's not the worship leader. It's not even the music. It's the Holy Spirit. He comes swooping in and meets with us. Hearts have come into the room that need to just "be still and know that He is God." Lots of ladies have had a really, really bad day. Some don't even know why they are there. God does. He knew it before they were even born. He knew He would draw them to a little something at LifeSong Church called This Night. Little did they, or anyone else know, why they were really there.

Fast forward a little to a woman taking the stage. She's soft peace...has a story to tell. She is completely REAL. As she begins to share her life with us - the good and the bad parts - there are ladies in the audience that suddenly see why they are there. "Here's someone that I relate to. She is telling my story." It's as though there are only three people in the room - the speaker, herself, and the Holy Spirit (although she may not realize that part just yet). Here's a lady standing in front telling about a time in her life where there seemed to be zero hope for having a life of joy. She had no hope of having a marriage that would last. Her dream was shattered by divorce. She sank to the depths where she could sink no further. She could only hope to find peace by beginning to go to church with a friend. She fought finding the peace. She REALLY fought finding the peace, but she FOUND the peace! She found the ONE who could give her the only true peace her heart longed for. Little did she know that the spouse from her broken marriage was on his on road to finding peace, but he eventually found it. Here's where the awesome part comes in - the reason for THIS NIGHT to begin with! They both found restoration. It couldn't happen until they both found restoration with God, the Father. Once that happened, they found restoration with each other. They were remarried! How often do you hear that? Try like NEVER! That's not something man-made. That is something God-made. It's the dream come true....the joy she had been searching for, but this time God is in the driver's seat.

We might not have that exact story. We may have had completely different circumstances cause us to lose joy, or to realize that we never had it to begin with! We all have something in our life that needs to be restored. Last night, we were reminded, or maybe even told for the first time, just WHO it is that can restore.

God brought healing last night. We saw a young woman meet Jesus for the first time. We saw another woman very new in her faith realize, once again, how much she needed Jesus. We saw women who walked in the door hurting and without hope realize they truly do have hope. We saw the only ONE who can bring that hope deliver it, yet, once again!

So, you see "words cannot describe" just what This Night was. You almost had to be there. I hope that my attempt to record it (TiVo it, if you will!) adequately portrays that when it is done for an audience of ONE - and mind you, it was tough starting off believing we were doing it for an audience of ONE with all of the distractions - but, when you finally hit that pause button you see that, indeed, God was there all along. You see that lives were changed, challenged and repaired. You see that yes, This Night was truly a night of RESTORATION.